How to Add Channel Logo in YouTube Video

YouTube is the best platform to watch and share videos, I have explained how to download YouTube videos in the previous post. With which we can download the video of our choice, but many people download good videos and put them on their channel, this does not harm them but because YouTube can delete their channel by doing so. Someone uploads your video by downloading and uploading it on their own channel, so in this post I am telling you how to add your channel’s logo to YouTube video, so that you can mark your channel in your video, after that, anyone can download your video. Will not put it on its own channel.

YouTube gives us the facility to upload our channel and videos for free, on which we can also earn money by uploading videos by making channels. It is free but it has some limits and rules like if we upload the wrong video then YouTube can delete our channel meaning we will not have control over the channel and videos.

It is very fun and its use and feature are good, like we can download any video, but some people are using its feature incorrectly, like downloading videos of other channels and uploading them on their channel. Someone can also download your video.

Before downloading your video and putting it on your channel, I am telling you how to add your channel logo to YouTube video so that you can tag your channel on your video.

How to add channel logo in YouTube video

This will not make your video your video and you will not have any problem, so let’s know how to add channel logo to your YouTube video.

Step 1:

First go to the site, if there is no login then login and click on my channel and click on the video manager.

Click on the People icon) channel option.
Click on branding.
Now click on add a watermark button.
To understand these 3 points properly, pay attention to this screenshot (image)!

Step 2:

After clicking on the Add a watermark button a new page will open, you will be asked to select the logo. If you have made a logo for your channel name, then follow the steps below.

Click on Choose file button.
Select the logo from your computer and click on the save button.
To understand these 2 points properly, take help of this screenshot!

Step 3:

After clicking on the Save button, in the next page you can set the time of your logo. To get a better understanding of setting time, see the point and screenshot below.

Here you can set the time even if the minute is your video, I have set 5 second.
After setting the time, click on the update button.
If you understand, then pay attention to this screenshot!

Just like this, you can add your channel logo to your YouTube videos!

Now an identity of your channel will be found in your video, which will clearly show that which channel is the video of. By doing this, people who do not download your video will download the video from other channels and upload it on their channel.

Hopefully you can add your channel logo to your YouTube video like this. It is easy to tell me in the comment if you face any problem.

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