Paytm sound box Features

What is Paytm Sound Box?

The Paytm sound box is an electronic device that informs us about the payment made at our shop. Many times our shop gets very crowded and most of the people make online payments, whose payment we remove from their phones repeatedly, then we have a problem to see the customer or the payment has been made by Paytm to solve your problem. A device has come out that we know as Paytm sound box.

How does Paytm sound box work?

When a customer at our shop makes payment through the bar code of paytm, then our paytm sound box informs us about that payment.

Just like when someone paid a few rupees by scanning the bar code of the paytm at your shop, as soon as your payment is successful, then immediately the sound box of the paytm will say by saying that so many rupees were received on the paytm.

How does a Paytm sound box look?

The paytm sound box is very beautiful in appearance and the good thing is that it does not take much space on your shop. Its size is very small, we can say that the paytm sound box size is equal to a bar code.

Paytm Sound Box
Paytm Sound Box

How many languages ​​is the paytm sound box available?

The paytm sound box is available in Hindi, English, Bengali, Marathi and many other languages. You can buy the paytm sound box by choosing the language spoken in your area.

Where to buy paytm sound box?

If you want to buy the sound box of paytm, then you have to go to the paytm business app. By going there, you will have to search the paytm sound box, after which you will see all the sound boxes that are paytm, you can go and buy whatever you like.

How much cost is the paytm sound box?

You get paytm sound box with two plans.

  • One Time Plan
  • Rental Plan

In One Time Plan,

you have to make a full payment of the sound box, after this, paytm will not charge you for the sound box. Paytm is available on the sound box paytm mall or paytm for business app.

In Rental Plan,

In the rental plan, first you have to pay about 500 rupees to the paytm in the form of security, which you do not get refund later, and after that you have to give 100 rupees for 18 months.

If you see the cost of paytm sound box then according to me one time plan of paytm sound box is good.


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