Top 10 Games to do Typing Speed Fast

Typing Games Major Role Play is done to understand Keyword and improve Typing Skills. You can improve your Typing Speed to a great extent by playing online typing games. Typing is practiced while enjoying the game. This is a great way to increase typing speed. Here we are telling you about the top 10 free games to speed up typing speed. Top 10 Free Typing Games for Improve your Typing Speed.

Computer and cell phones have become an important part of our professional and personal life. Aura consists of months using pen and paper.

In the house where there is a computer, even a small child in knows typing on computer and mobile. But there are still some children who do not know typing and want to learn typing.

Or you want to do your Typing Speed ​​Fast, Improve, Boost. Fast typing is beneficial in many ways. Fast Typing saves you time and can also give you a Computer Job.

Here we are telling 10 great games to improve typing speed. Through China, you can improve your typing skills.

Before I begin I will ask you to read the article How to do fast typing – 10 great tips to increase typing speed.

10 Great Games and websites to do Typing Speed Boost

By playing Typing Game, the fingers of your hand can understand the keyboard keys and the muscles of the fingers get expressive of the Keyboard Buttons.

It is beneficial for everyone Typing Game Student, Kid Youth and Other. Anyone can boost their typing speed by playing these games.

1.Z Type

This is my favorite Typing Game. In this game you have to fly green and purple aliens with two-shot laser from one part of the screen to the other.

Along with playing the game, you will get to wish funny music. You aliens have to save your ship. It is so much fun to play this game that once you play, you will become crazy about it.

2.Spider Typer

In this game you have to help protect the hairy spider from the chameleon. To kill a chameleon one has to type the word written on them. The chameleon has to stop moving so that he does not eat the spider and the spider can pass the Finish Level.

3.Key Tower

In this game you have to make a crane hanging box tower placed on top of it. To keep the box, one has to press the text key written on it.

Now the higher the tower you build, the higher the score will be. In this, you get 1 minute 30 seconds.

4.Key Man

KeyMan is a free Typing Game and drama intended for beginner users. In it, you have to use letters and numbers to move Pacman up, down, right and left to protect them from ghosts.

5.Desert Typing Racer

If you like racing game then Desert Racing Typing Game is the best for you. In this game you have to type the letters written above the cars and remove them from the path of your car.

6.Type For Life

In this game you have to jump from one window to another and climb the building. To jump, you have to type the letters and press the Space Bar button.

It has many levels. This game is for children, that’s why it is a very easy game. But even the elders can enjoy it, they can learn typing.

7.Alpha Attack

Alpha Attack free typing game allows you to kill enemies on screen by pressing the corresponding letters on the keyboard. It has Esy, Normal and Hard 3 Game Mode and many levels.

If you get stuck between enemies, you can blow all the enemies on the skin with a bomb by pressing this bar on it. This game is very fun.

8.Trash Typer

Trash Typer is a single game. Bubbles fall from the sky and you need to type the words written under each material so that the dinosaurs in the small car do not destroy them.

In this game you get some more life and it becomes easy in the beginning but gradually becomes difficult. That is, your exams gradually become more difficult.

9.Spacebar Invaders

In this game you have to finish typing the UFO characters before the space bar invaders team can reach the bottom. If the cravings reach the bottom, the game is over.

10.Magic Library

In this game you can earn points in the free typing magic library by typing the letters and numbers printed on the books falling from the head of the screen.


This is a game that I like and look great on. With their help, I have improved my typing speed to a great extent. You too must play these games and fasten your Typing Speed.

If you search Google, you will find many more such games, websites, tools and applications. Which of these games did you like, please tell by commenting.


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