What is the difference between Bluetooth and Wifi?

Both Bluetooth and wifi provide better communication that every internet user and mobile user knows. These are both such devices through which we can also exchange large files in a very short time. These two systems are necessary for connecting the device in the digital world but there are many differences between these two such as bluetooth is mainly made for connecting without cables and Wi-Fi provides fast speed for internet as well. There are many other differences that I am telling you in this post, let’s know what is bluetooth and wifi, how do they work, how to use them, what is the difference between Bluetooth and wi-fi.

Bluetooth is in almost every device, it is a wireless technology standard that is used to exchange data (30 feet) at a short distance, it is mostly used between mobile devices. Meaning bluetooth is a better device for exchanging data from one device to another device which acts as a card between 2 devices.

Talking about Wi-Fi, it mostly works for setting up networks, transferring files and moved, which is also a wireless standard. It connects wirelessly connected devices to corporate networks such as the Internet or Ethernet, rather than communicating between devices. Its range is greater than Bluetooth.

If you do not know much about them, then this post can prove to be helpful for you because in this post I am telling you what is Bluetooth and wifi and what is the difference between these two, how do they work.

What is the difference between what is bluetooth and wifi

If you have purchased a new device like computer, smartphone, etc. then you should know what bluetooth and wifi work in our device and how we can use them.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a protocol for wireless communication. All devices such as computers, laptop smartphones, digital cameras, etc. can be connected to you through Bluetooth and can exchange their data. 2 devices use radio waves to connect to each other. It was designed to reduce the number of wireless connecting devices. Bluetooth can be used up to 30 feet apart in 2 devices.

If the distance between your 2 or more devices is 30 feet or less, then you can use bluetooth to exchange data between them, we can do it in many things like to connect the printer to the computer. For making or making calls while deriving, hands-free Bluetooth can be connected by talking to your phone.

Who made Bluetooth and when did lunch.

Credit for the invention of Bluetooth is credited to Ericsson. Bluetooth was lunch in 1994 as a wireless (wireless) communication alternative to the RS 232.

What is WiFi, what does it work.

Wi-Fi is the correct pronunciation of the word Hi-Fi. WiFi is a device for accessing the network or internet via radio waves. It works by providing wireless internet to mobile phones near the Wi-Fi access point. The best thing about Wi-Fi, its speed is many times faster than the rest of the service providers. So that we can complete our work in 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes.

Wi-Fi is available on every computer, laptop and smartphone because a router (networking device) is needed to create a wireless (wireless) network. Wi-Fi works in place of a networking device that allows multiple networks Is able to connect.

Who made WiFi and when did lunch.

The credit for the invention of WiFi goes to Victor Haze, who is said to be the father of Wi-Fi. Directly started in around 1997, a committee for its development was set up in 1990, although Wi-Fi was researched from the mid-80s.

What is the difference between Bluetooth and WiFi.

Here I am telling you about the feature of bluetooth and wifi, which will let you know clearly what is the difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so let us start.

  1. Bluetooth: Bluetooth is mostly used to connect external devices to a computer, as well as connect the computer’s keyboard, mouse and headset etc. to the CPU using Bluetooth.
  2. WiFi: Wi-Fi is used more to connect computers to routers and Internet gateways, in addition to many electronic devices like gaming consoles, cameras and PDAs, mostly to connect to each other or to connect to the internet. -Fi is used.
  3. Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2. Uses 4 GHz radio-frequency band.
  4. WiFi: When it comes to Wi-Fi, the frequency band uses 2. 4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  5. Bluetooth: Bluetooth only uses wireless (wireless) local location.
  6. WiFi: Talking about Wi-Fi, it only uses wireless wireless details.
  7. Bluetooth: It is easy to connect 2 devices over Bluetooth as it is easy to connect only one simple key.

Also, the maximum distance of bluetooth wireless connection is 30 meters which can be increased up to 100 meters in Wi-Fi. In WiFi, the frequency depends on the Wi-Fi protocol version (edition) and connects to the antenna in the communication system, whereas Bluetooth does not require it.

So friends, by these things you will know many differences between Bluetooth and wifi and if you have any other difference between bluetooth and wi-fi, then write about it in the comment.


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